Over 21 years of operation and development, Techgel has been successfully bringing the innovative technology mission to enterprises and businesses. 

With a lot of innovations that have been, are and will be initiated and developed in the information age, the implementation of business transformation strategies is important and crucial, requiring timely grasp and update for advanced technology transfer.

Techgel's vision in the 4.0 era is to support our partners and customers in digitization to pursue, anticipate and overcome the modern technology trends – especially in the field of EPC engineering and construction & construction fields.


  1. 360-degree framework (software, hardware, firmware) establishing  correlation between old and new business channels to deepen the service delivery coverage.

  2. Comprehensive Smart Building Solution management system with mobile/web app for end-users, technicians and owners.

  3. Export collected data from mobile app usage and embedded sensors to Building Information Model (BIM) for data analysis and digital stimulation of real-time events.

We focus on three main aspects and solutions as follows: 

        1. Smart Home Solutions

  • Lighting system
  • HVAC system
  • Security (Access Control & CCTV) system

         2. Smart Industrial & Residential Complex

  • Vertical lighting system
  • Energy-efficient streetlights system
  • People tracking
  • Camera AI

         3. Digitalization

  • Mobile/Web app
  • Prevention and control of Covid-19 through IT solutions
  • Embedded operations with Suppliers and Sub-contractors through attached RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and OCR (Optical character recognition) solutions


TECHGEL is proud to be the leading company in providing BIM technology in EPC field with the following solution criteria:

  • BIM 3D: Drawing models and clash detection
  • BIM 4D: Simulation in construction planning and scheduling in accordance with the interaction with suppliers
  • BIM 5D: Simulation in the budget control and optimization for the investor and main contractors
  • BIM 6D: Management in sustainability and efficiency energy through behavioral analysis and energy usage

TECHGEL has successfully applied BIM to large and complex MEP system construction projects, especially the project of Cam Ranh International Airport.

Acknowledges the importance of BIM in construction project as recommended by the State of Vietnam, TECHGEL has been taking appropriate steps towards successful implementation of BIM Level 2 in the Design & Build process.


Bring innovative technology to your business. Commit that all activities are for the satisfaction of the best optimal application demands

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